There are a number of self-help measures that can help with jaw joint and muscle pain.

Try to limit excessive jaw movements such as chewing gum and opening very wide whilst yawning.

Avoid foods that are hard to chew and eat soft foods in small bite sized mouthfuls.

Pain killers, moist heat or cold packs can also help towards reducing your symptoms.

Massaging the muscles around your jaw joints and relaxation exercises will also help. On waking if you can feel tension in your jaw, muscle tightness and can’t open wide, you may perform some jaw stretching exercises. Whilst looking into a mirror and supporting your jaw with both hands, gently try and open your mouth straight down keeping the tip of your tongue in contact with the roof of your mouth. Hold for a few seconds, gently close, and repeat a few times.

If your symptoms persist, please get in touch with your dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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